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We consult on improving production in High-Value Crops.

Our approach to consulting relies on ecological and soil sciences, because we have learned that lively, bio-diverse growing spaces and soil-environments support resilient, robust, and healthy plants. And they do so at less cost than conventional systems. That means sustainable profits.

  • Field soil: assessment, long-term prep, management, revitalization and restoration.
  • Container-Media: formulation, procural, assessment, mixing/delivery logistics.
  • Ecological/Integrated Pest Management: Adaptive, Long-term Plans, Designs, and Maps.
  • Sustained-Yield Plans, Designs, and Maps: large-scale and small-scale farms.
  • Mapping and Geographical Information System (relational database) capabilities.
  • Site assessment, planning and design.
  • Water conservation and sustainability expertise.
  • Permaculture, Edible Forest Gardens and Polyculture Design.
  • Plans include schedules (including critical path), budgeting, and visual mapping for layout (with direction/distance and more).
  • Composting and Biochar expertise.
  • Operations expertise.
  • Soil and Nutrient Issues.
  • Pests and Pathogens.
  • Environmental Issues.
  • Small-scale craft farms to full-scale producers.

Our solutions are investments. They build productivity — short term and long term. And, they improve with time.

An important part of our process is learning about the client's needs, growing methodologies, concerns and issues, so we can work together to create effective solutions.

Our Methodology

We apply established design and planning methodologies and techniques to unique situations. Our plans feature maps made with a geographical information system for easy editing and long-term data-management. Plans also include project budgeting for business planning.

Soil researchers, ecologists, soil scientists, and successful organic growers agree that active soil food webs promote strong, healthy, productive plants. Plants free of toxic chemicals are resilient and productive, and they produce strong, tasty produce, rich in the qualities that distinguish high-grade herbs, flowers, and produce. A thriving, living soil promotes the plant's full productive potential. And, an abundant, biodiverse arthropod ecology provides nature's best defense against pests.

Grow Ecology, LLC, specializes in creating rich, productive, and biologically-active growing space — above and below ground — for valued specialty plants. We bring science to action.

Based on this experience and research, we've created a framework for incorporating ecological science into commercial cannabis cultivation. As part of this framework, we have devised a system for growing high-value plants outdoors in a highly bio-diverse ecological setting.

Our Tool Box

We have created a few tools to help us help you.

  • Soil Mix and Container Media formulation model. This model is based on a spreadsheet. It tracks nutrient levels through the weeks. It is a work in progress, and over the years will increase in precision and functionality.
  • Ecological Agriculture Template. This template is geared for colder climates like found in Colorado or eastern Washington. It is built on a Geographical Information System -- a relational database that compiles any kind of data and makes georeferenced photographic maps out of them. So, it's highly flexible. And, it's highly scalable and extensible. Each plant has a record with as many fields as the client needs -- for cultural management, compliance, budgeting, etc.
  • Integrated Pest Management template. This template is spreadsheet-based, soon to be adapted to the GIS template.
  • Ecological Pest Management plant list. A spreadsheet list of 50+ cold-climate perennial plants that support pest-enemy arthropods. The spreadsheet contains multiple fields -- including the specific taxa that each plant species supports.

About Us

We have several decades of combined professional experience in ecological cannabis production, food gardening and garden design, applied soil science, and ecological forestry and land-management.

Our certifications include a Ph.D. in Forest Management, M.S. in Environmental Studies, and B.S. in Soil Science, plus additional certs including permaculture design and edible forest design certificates.

To view or download brief biographical sketches (PDF), please click this link.

We've combined this work and study with intensive review of scientific literature in all areas that pertain to ecological agriculture and we have compiled an accessible professional/scientific library and knowledge base (much of it peer-reviewed).

Communications, recommendations, and reports are easy to understand. We write them for the non-technical reader.

Please Contact Us

Feel free to e-mail or call us. We will NOT give or sell your e-mail address to anyone.

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