Edible Ecotones

Designing Permaculture Gardens, Lawns, and Living Spaces

Edible Ecotones offers a range of Services

We design and install gardens and landscapes of all sizes, and we'll maintain them as well, depending on the client's needs. We can blend your ecological garden with the existing landscape, and we're happy to work with you on design. We also work with degraded landscapes and restoring ecological health and adding value to urban, suburban, and rural sites.

We are discerning in the equipment we use and how we use it, and we are careful to avoid soil compaction when we can (and repair it when we can't). And we do not import weed seeds.

We are highly selective with the plant stock that we use, combining insect and disease resistance with vigor and cold-hardiness.

Backyard Orchard Gardens

Our Backyard Orchard Gardens resemble the permaculture guild, with a tree in the center and low-lying shrubs along the mature-tree drip-line, all strategically placed to allow for maintenance and harvest. Adjoining the shrubs are polycultures - groupings of mutually beneficial plant species - composted of perennial and annual herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Guilds can range in size from 80 square feet to 40 square feet, depending on the tree size. We'll design them with you and then we'll help you put them in.

Eco-Intensive Beds

Our Eco-Intensive Beds combine contained, raised-beds for intensive gardening with low-lying, N-fixing shrubs for the ecological benefits of guilds. Food and herb crops easily accessible, and beds are attractive, highly productive and easy to maintain. The gardens are no-till; they are biologically rich and active; and they hold water. We employ under-surface earth structures designed for maximizing biology and water retention and for preventing soil saturation by wicking away excess water from garden soils. These beds are typically 5 feet wide, and 8 feet long, but design is flexible. They will fit nicely within your existing landscape.

Urban Lot Integrated Weed Management and Ecological Restoration

We can transform that weed-dominated landscape into an urban polyculture pasture that you can water and cut just like a lawn - and we will do it with home-made composts and compost teas, sheet-mulching, and re-seeding. No chemicals needed.

Garden and Orchard Maintenance Plans

We are happy to work out a maintenance plan that works around your needs. From pruning to watering and weeding, we're happy to help. We can even help with harvest and help you organize and process your bounty so you can eat your own homegrown food into the cold months.

Landscape Assessment, Inventory, Mapping and Analysis

We write comprehensive assessments that integrate observations on ecology and biology, soils, surface hydrology, vegetation and vegetation dynamics, terrain, visual quality, climate, historical use patterns and events, and current environmental trends.

Our reports are clearly-written and easy to read. We amply illustrate them with maps and diagrams to clarify descriptions, and we write to the level of specificity and detail that meets the individual client's needs.

Comprehensive Site Plans

We write landscape and site plans and designs based on the client's needs for any parcel, large and small. They take the landowner or manager from client needs through the design process, through the implementation and operations process, step-by-step according to a schedule, and finally to a clear maintenance and monitoring schedule.

Our comprehensive plans are clearly-written and easy to read. We balance a need for ample and reliable data with the need for brevity by arranging most data in easy-to-access appendices. So, a reader can quickly read the entire plan and take time later to peruse the finer details. We amply illustrate plans with maps and diagrams and do our best to make this a useful document. (We encourage dog-eared pages and muddy finger-prints!!)

For an outline of a typical site plan, follow this link

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