Edible Ecotones

Designing Permaculture Gardens, Lawns, and Living Spaces

We create biologically rich and diverse landscapes for your aesthetic pleasure and for fresh, healthy food right where you live.

Learning and Education

  • Knowing-My-Backyard Tours of your site or landscape
  • Photo-guides of your property

Features Design

  • Kitchen Gardens - easy to access, low watering needs, low maintenance
  • Fruit Tree Guild and Garden
  • Edible and Aesthetic Sitting Spaces and Resting Spaces

Designs and Plans

  • Permaculture Site Design
  • Ecological Landscape Management Landscape Plans

A back yard or a lawn can be a wonderful place. It can be a pleasant and lively place to dwell - a sweet place to have a barbecue. And, while you're there, why not wander off the lush, verdant lawn into the gardens and pick a bowl of fresh veges for a salad?

We would like to help you translate this vision onto your site. We design, install, and manage landscapes and living spaces for beauty, ecology, and food. The resulting landscapes are biologically diverse, productive, and beautiful. Diverse soil organisms composing the soil food web continuously build productivity into soils, increase water-holding capacity, and keep pathogens in check. A thriving biological soil needs neither expensive chemical inputs nor endless watering. And it can offer a diversity of nooks for your own enjoyment - from outdoor barbecue kitchens to sunset benches.

From the kitchen garden to the watershed, we work at all scales, integrating the pieces into a thriving, healthy, beautiful mosaic with staying power for generations to come.

Our designs draw from a diverse range of landscape design and management frameworks, including Permaculture, Agroecology, Pattern Language, Holistic Resource Management, Design with Nature, and conventional Synoptic Resource Planning. And, we bring a wide array of tools to the project, from geographical information systems (GIS) and global positioning system technology to A-frame levels and tape-measures, depending upon the need and the situation. For more detailed explanations of the ideas, frameworks, and methodologies that guide our work, please see the links on the left sidebar

Whether your concerns are restoring ecological health, producing food, developing an eco-sensible residential site, or all the above, we can help you design and create build a beautiful and healthy landscape that will bestow you with fresh, clean food.

Communications, recommendations, and reports are easy to understand. We write them for the non-technical reader. Feel free to e-mail us or call us by telephone at (406) 239-1171. We will NOT give or sell your e-mail address to anyone.

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